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I’ve added many Affiliates, go check them out!

Also, added pretty new pictures:

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    Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been really busy with college. I’ve updated the Videos section

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    ‘Spider-Man’ star Tobey Maguire is set to play a sex addict in a new film.

    The clean-cut actor has agreed to take the lead role in true-life story Electroboy about con man Andy Behrman – who enjoyed cocaine-fuelled sex romps.

    The manic-depressive art forger, who became renowned for his sexual exploits with strippers, finally overcame his problems with electroshock therapy.

    An insider revealed: “It’s miles away from his usual nice guy roles.”
    Meanwhile, the star, who has been linked to beauties Demi Moore and Kirstin Dunst, reportedly didn’t mingle with fellow celebrities at the London ‘Spider-Man’ premiere last month.

    A string of guests were kept away from the handsome actor who insisted on having a quiet drink with his co-stars in a sealed off VIP area.


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  • Added screencaps of The Ice Storm, thanks Mariana
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  • I’ve added some new affiliates and is the Spotlight site on Keanu Connection! Thanks Lu!
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    “I guess I’ll always be Spiderman,” Tobey Maguire sighs to Kirsten Dunst when she gets to know his real identity.

    Maguire who was in splendid shape as the passionate jockey in “Seabiscuit” is indeed fated to be Spiderman forever. A second sequel is also on the way, which is just as well for Maguire.

    He’s so extraordinary, so vulnerable and yet such an instinctive survivor that Maguire takes Spiderman beyond the stereotypical super-saviour’s sphere to represent that moment in time when the victim and the protector come together in one compelling instant.

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    Spiderman 2 sees Tobey Maguire returning as the reluctant superhero Spiderman and his alter ego Peter Parker. When he spoke to Scotland Today’s Grant Lauchlan, he started by asking him about whether it was true that he hated doing interviews.

    He said: “No, I don’t hate doing interviews…Well the repetitiveness of it, you know just gets a little stale because you know you’re asked the same question and you feel like you’re boring. You feel like you’re boring, like you’re repeating yourself again and you can’t. If you weren’t repeating yourself you’d be lying at some point. All said and done for Spiderman 2 I’ll probably do about 400 interview. Of the 400 there’s probably, you know, seven questions that are asked in 370 of those interviews.”

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