New layout plus general movie news round up

Hello everyone! As you can tell, Tobey Fan is sporting a brand new layout, header courtesy of my good friend Beto! I know the last layout wasn’t up long but I’m all for changing things up a bit every so often 🙂 If you spot any errors, please let me know! I do know that that specific picture of Tobey is quite popular so I’m happy Beto decided to use it!

Gallery wise, I am updating the thumbnails so they’ll be much bigger and easier to see when viewing them so the thumbnails will be looking wonky for a couple of hours until they’re done updating. I also have a lot of Tobey’s films here, ready to cap and upload but I’ll get to around those after Christmas.

In regards to Tobey movie news, it seems Pawn Sacrifice was pushed back to 2013 judging by the IMDB page. Also, the wonderful Riina has linked to the 2011 Sundance Film Festival official page for The Details which includes some more information regarding the film as well as screening times. Really excited to be getting new photos and information!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday! 🙂

First stills from “The Details”

The first stills from The Details have been released featuring Tobey and Elizabeth Banks. Thanks to Riina for the heads up!

“Country Strong” Los Angeles Premiere

Interview tibit on “The Great Gatsby”

Nothing quite new with the exception of some small casting news in regards to the other two main characters but The Great Gatsby was mentioned in a recent interview with director Baz Luhrmann 🙂 You can read the rest of the interview with Baz Luhrmann at the source.

How do you balance your time between working on the stage show and your upcoming film production of “The Great Gatsby”?

I spend the mornings working on casting Gatsby; I’m focusing on casting Jordan and Tom at the moment [….] The Gatsby workshop [with DiCaprio and Maguire] was a fantastically enriching and touching experience. But that’s a story for a different time.

The Big Names Return for Sundance’s Unofficial Section

Here come the stars: the Sundance Film Festival announced its roster of films playing out of competition on Thursday and the selections – unlike those in the competitive slate – include marquee names on both sides of the camera.

Bigwig actors and actresses are also sprinkled throughout the selections. Tobey Maguire stars in The Details. Directed by Jacob Aaron Estes (Mean Creek), the film has one of the more bizarre descriptions in the entire festival: hungry raccoons discover worms living under sod in a couple’s backyard, leading to a wild and absurd chain reaction that includes organ donation and murder by way of bow and arrow.

You can read more info at the source.

Scans: L’uomo Vogue March 2010

In a follow up to this post, I’ve added HQ editorial scans of Tobey in L’uomo Vogue‘s March 2010 issue. I have more scans to add but it’s getting late so I’ll post those tomorrow. Enjoy the new scans :]

Two photoshoots added

I’ve added two new photoshoots to the gallery, including one with Brothers co-star Jake Gyllenhaal.