Jim Sheridan and Jake Gyllenhaal were interviewed and they mentioned Tobey:

GYLLENHAAL: Well, I can say that I think watching Tobey in the movie, that’s sort of the most extraordinary truth of it, watching somebody do something like that. I can only speak from personal experience but I have been blessed to watch actors who people didn’t feel were a certain way or could perform a certain thing do that. I’ve been honored to watch that. It’s always nice to see when people, journalists and people who never thought of someone one way, and then seeing them that way. I watched him go from the first part of the movie [BEFORE MAGUIRE’S CHARACTER GOES OVERSEAS] and then we had a Christmas break inbetween and then he had another week and when he came back he was another person and he was another person than what he was in the first couple of weeks that we started shooting. That was an extraordinary transformation, not only to watch as an actor but as a person and as an audience member. And now watching the movie I feel that way, too. Source: bostonherald.com

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