Ruby Sweetheart Maguire was born November 10, 2006. Ruby’s middle name comes from a childhood nickname of Meyer’s given to her by her grandmother, who died a few months before Ruby’s birth.

Spiderman 3 co star James Franco, who plays Harry Osborn, says that Tobey Maguire is an excellent dad. Ruby traveled with Tobey and the rest of the cast while they were promoting Spiderman 3.

James told People, “It’s strange, because I’ve known Tobey about six or seven years, and to see him grow over those years, I’m really proud of him.” He continued, “He seems like he’s an excellent dad. He’s completely consumed with that child.”

Rosemary Harris, who plays Aunt May, agrees. “Tobey seems to be a natural,” Harris, 76, told People. “He’s a kind, loving person. And Ruby seems to be traveling well. The baby’s mother, Jennifer Meyer, looks radiant.”

Tobey has told People magazine that he loves being a dad and that it’s nice to have his family with him while he is traveling all over the world. Source: CelebrityBabies.Info

I’m sure we all wish Ruby a happy birthday and hope the Maguire family will have a wonderful day. She’s a lucky little girl. It’s wonderful to know how happy Tobey is with Jen and how he loves being a dad. They are such a great family, normal and down to earth.