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Tobey On TV
According to Yahoo, Tobey will be on TV Monday August 13 9am in an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger in an episode called The Prodigal Son. The episode is from 1994, so Tobey was 19 years old at the time.

Walker, Texas Ranger – The Prodigal Son
Starring Chuck Norris, Clarence Gilyard, Noble Willingham.

A teen steals heroin from traffickers. Tobey Maguire, Rick Aiello. 60 minutes- TV-PG, USA, (CC), Stereo, V
Mon Aug 13 09:00A on USA Network
Fri Aug 17 01:00A on Hallmark Channel Source has lots of information about Spider-Man 3 DVD, Blu-Ray and PSP, which are on stores October 30.

Who are the biggest movie stars?
Tobey definitely is one of them according to recent movie polls and critics: collects all published reviews of a particular movie and assigns a number value from 0 (the worst) to 100 (the best) to calculate an average rating, with scores of 60 and above considered a recommendation. (This is far from an exact science.)

I calculated the Metacritic averages of more than 30 respected performers’ movies since 1997, and here are the 10 who scored highest (see adjacent table for all scores):

1. Jack Nicholson (based on a mere six movies)
2. Daniel Day-Lewis (based on just three movies)
3. Tobey Maguire
4. Ian McKellen
5. Leonardo DiCaprio
6. Russell Crowe
7. Matt Damon
8. Tom Cruise
9. Meryl Streep
10. George Clooney
Source: ChicagoTribune

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