Jen and Ruby were photographed out and about it Malibu last weekend. Ruby is almost 9 months old already, she’s such a little cutie!

Source: Celebrity-Babies

I also found this Joyride poster and decided to post it here too. Hope you like it!

Source: ShowCaseEntertainment

I also found an old interview were Tobey talks about filming Seabiscuit. You can read it here. Tobey’s co-star Gary Stevens, who played George Woolf had some great things to say about Tobey:

How does Tobey Maguire look on a horse?
Forget about how Tobey looks… Well, I’ll say he looks great on a horse. But his devotion to his career of acting and the weight that he pulled and being able to keep up the high level of physical fitness and keep a sharp mental attitude, I think says a lot of his character, a lot of him as a human being. I’m more impressed with Tobey as a human being than I am as a jockey. He lived the life as a jockey for seven months and he would have been a hell of a jockey.