Tobey Maguire’s Spidey Senses Tingle at the World Series of Poker
Tuesday, July 10th, 2007
Tobey Maguire was dealt A/K suited. The air was silent with tension as he licked his lips and thought, “My Spidey senses are tingling. I’ve got this pot. Ace is the highest card in the deck. I can’t lose.”
Maguire pushed all-in and received one caller who showed pocket Jacks making Maguire a slight underdog.
But similarly to Spiderman 3 being a bad film that still made money, the Flop gave Tobey Maguire a box office smash with top pair: K/Q/4.
With a 3 on the Turn and a 4 on the River Maguire defied the odds and made money, again.
He is now sitting with a respectable $42K and continues in the tournament.

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I also added some new stills from The Good German to the gallery.

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