Tobey, Jen and Ruby spent some time with the Arquette’s; David, Courteney and Coco, on the Father’s Day weekend. Ruby’s getting so big and Tobey has a nice, new summer hair-cut or perhaps he has that for a new movie, Tokyo Suckerpunch maybe?
Enjoy the pictures!

Source: OhNoTheyDidnt

Spider-Man 3 passed the Y6.5 billion ($53.7 million) mark on June 1, making it the second-highest grosser in the franchise after Spider-Man, according to Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan. SOURCE

Tobey was voted No.3 in the Sexiest Superheroes election:

1 Hugh Jackman as Wolverine – ‘X-men’
2 Christian Bale as Batman – ‘Batman Begins’
3 Tobey Maguire as Spider-man – ‘Spider-man’
4 Nicolas Cage as Ghost Rider – ‘Ghost Rider’
5 Brandon Routh as Superman – ‘Superman Returns’

If you’re interested in Tobey’s latest poker adventures, there’s some news HERE.

Tobey has also found a new home for his family and he made a nice profit when he sold his old house:

From the LA Times Hot Property:
–Tobey Maguire has sold his Hollywood Hills home for $11.5 million. He bought the house as a first-time buyer in 2002 for $3.7 million. SOURCE