Tobey surprised people at the Arclight theater in LA last week. He showed up to introduce Spider-Man 3 and worked as a theater employee. Before each showing of a film, a theater employee comes out to introduce the film that’s about to be presented. During the 8:30 showing in the Arclight’s Cineramadome, a lone individual came out to introduce that film without any fanfare. Tobey took on the role of Arclight Theater employee, asking people to please turn off their cell phones, gave the film’s running time, introduced the film and its many stars. By the time Maguire was finished, theater goers clued in to who the theater employee actually was, setting the tone for a wild and raucous showing of “Spider-Man 3.” Source.

Last Saturday Tobey went to see a boxing match in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Oscar De La Hoya. Lots of other celebrities were THERE, Leonardo DiCaprio for instance.

Tobey Maguire says his Spider-Man suit gives him a wedgie. The ‘Spider-Man 3’ star has revealed the worst thing about playing the web-slinging superhero is wearing a tight suit which “rides up in his crotch”. More HERE.

Tobey Maguire snagged the role of a lifetime by stripping off some of his clothes.
Maguire says Spider-Man director Sam Raimi didn’t choose him to star as Peter Parker/Spidey until he showed him some bod. “I had done an audition tape, but it wasn’t what they wanted to see,” Maguire says. “They were like, ‘He can act; we knew that. But we want to see an action scene.’ ” More at Planet Gossip

This interview is from Elle magazine. It’s already on the shelves or will be soon. The cover girl is Jessica Biel.

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