You walked into something that’s a well oiled machine. How welcoming was the cast to you?

Topher Grace: I used to be on a show where we’d have guest stars, and that’s how I viewed this. I used to say to Bryce (Dallas Howard, who co-stars as another debuting character, Gwen Stacy), ‘We just got the best guest starring gig in town.’ The machine was already running and it was well oiled. It’s going to have some level of success; you already know that signing on. The best part was just getting the gig, walking into Sam’s office. I got called over to Sony. I didn’t know why I was there, and then Sam walked in, Laura Ziskin and Avi. I was like, ‘Oh man, I think something is about to go down here.’ But they were all extremely welcoming. I think there’s a feeling that they’re all amazing at what they do and they’ve done it before. Personally, I’d already known Kirsten because I’d done a small role in Mona Lisa Smile. Tobey I had met a couple of a times and he’d always been great. I’d always admired James Franco’s work, but I’d never met him before. It’s weird, because the movie is so operatic and dark in some places, and it’s just not like that on the set. I worked mostly with Tobey and Sam, and those guys are really funny. That’s the thing a lot of people don’t know about them. Tobey is very quietly funny. And it was a long shoot. It was over the course of a year for me. But I spent a lot of time laughing and cracking up. I don’t think they’ll put out a Spider-Man 3 blooper reel, but it’d be very funny. Source & Rest of the Interview