Here’s a great link for Spider-Man fans! You can watch and download the 7 minute clip of the coming Spider-Man 3 movie. I for one am very excited to see the movie and it looks fantastic.

In other news:

Tobey Maguire is done playing Spider-Man. He’s been hinting at this for awhile, but now he’s confirmed it in an interview with The Daily Mail. He says of Spider-Man 3 which is due out this summer, “It feels like a trilogy to me and it feels like the end.”


I can’t blame him. With his new baby girl, type casting, back problems etc. it’s no wonder he wants to concentrate on his family and other projects. Sure I’d love to see more Spidey played by Tobey, but I’m looking forward to other movies he will make in the future. He’s such a great actor, in my opinion, so it will be wonderful to see him do versatile things like Wonder Boys and Ride With the Devil.