Teen Hollywood reports that Tobey, Kirsten and James are being called back for re-shoots of Spider-man 3 because test audiences thought the film was lacking in action. So, the crew and cast are still in the works for the third film and are not finished filming at this time.

Also, the president of the Marvel Studios productions, Kevin Feige, has told MTV recently that there is sure to be more Spider-man films to come after the third! 😀

“There will be many more Spider-Man films to come,” he promised. “We already have stacks of ideas for the next one because of the wealth of stories in the comics. We could be making Spider-Man movies for the next 20 years, based on the 50 years of Spider-Man history we have.”

That doesn’t necessarily guarantee, however, that Tobey Maguire will continue as the man under the mask.

“When you’re concentrating on one movie at a time, there’s a beginning and a middle and an end to that process,” Feige reasoned. “We’ve been topping each one as they go, [and if that happens again], that’s the time for those discussions.”

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