Hey guys! We were switching servers and that was why Tobey Fan was down for a couple of days. We’re back now and I have a lot of news articles to share with you about the Comic-Con convention that happened this year in San Diego. As most of you probably know, Tobey attended this event along with Spidey director, Sam Raimi, and co-stars, Kirsten Dunst, Topher Grace, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Thomas Haden Church.

They were at the convention and after the huge crowd pleased them, they showed an exclusive clip of Spider-man 3 which showed a LOT of what’s in the movie. You can actually view the new movie clips over at Yahoo! Movies where they have a clip of “The Mirror” and also clips of the stars of the movie, and of course, there is one featuring Tobey so make sure you click the link above and check the new videos out. 🙂

Here are some various articles of the Comic-Con this year:

  • CanMag – Official Spider-man 3 Comic-Con Footage
  • Comingsoon.net – Spider-man3 footage at Comic-Con Panel!
  • Mercury News – Comic-Con fans get first look at Spider-man 3
  • Hollywood Reporter – H’wood mainstreams with Comic-Con
  • The Celebrity Cafe – Comic-Con reveals early clips of Spider-man 3
  • Jam! Showbiz – Fans get Spider-man 3 preview
  • Toronto Star – Slithering Good Times
  • Empire – Venom Unleashed – First look at villain, Venom
  • USA Today – Flipping through Comic-Con
  • Chicago Tribune – New ‘Spider’ villains
  • ITV – Speak peek for Spidey fans
  • Hello Magazine – Tobey at Comic-Con
  • IGN: Spider-man 3 Interviews – Interview with director and cast
  • NY Post – Weaving a web of Spider-man 3

    There were questions asked about whether the Spider-man movies will continue after the third installment, and Tobey hinted that there will be doors left open in case there will be fourth film. *fingers crossed* that there will be!

    Yahoo! reports that Spider-man 3 will be simultaneously released to IMAX theatres throughout the world on May 4, ’07! Article here.

    A new Spider-man 3 promo poster was released in one of the articles and that can be viewed in our Gallery here.

  • Stay tuned because I will have loads of pics from the Comic-Con convention uploaded to the gallery very soon!

    Before I forget, Tobey Fan turned TWO years old on July 18th of this year, so happy belated birthday to us!