Superhero Hype reports that Spider-man 3 started filming in New York City today and they will be filming in NYC for five weeks.

Tobey will be be in Central Park and Times Square for the Spidey filming. The article has also given some information about filming exterior scenes for the film and states that streets will be closed off.

A first report has also been sent to Superhero Hype:

I have a report to submit, thanks to a friend with a cellphone in Manhattan! She just called from 5th and 23rd (Madison Square Park). She said that she saw no evidence of any stars, but that there were many dogs in Spider-Man outfits, and that there was a wardrobe rack with many child-sized Spider-Man outfits. She *insists* that the dogs are not part of the shoot, but I told her she is out of her mind. She thinks that people just heard about the shoot, had pet Spider-Man outfits laying around, and decided to dress up their dogs and go down to hang around the shoot. I think it’s much more reasonable to believe that they are shooting some sort of “Spider-Man Day” scene, complete with dogs and kids dressed up as Spider-Man.

You can see some pictures taken by Tim when he was passing the location here.

Another site is saying that Tobey was in NY this morning and he was waiting in his trailer. Click here to read a tiny bit more about it.

Another report here from a person who saw Tobey:

Then. On my way out, I noticed some model-like chicks walking about — and that always catches my eye. It took a moment or two for me to realize they were parading before none other than Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire). Sam Raimi was also there, dressed down in jeans with a blue blazer. Also snapped a few pictures there.

To read the rest, click here.

I’m sure loads more reports will be coming later as filming progresses.