Filming for Spider-man 3 at Euclid Avenue is going to be extended for two additional days to film action scenes. The avenue (which is pretending to be a New York street) is going to be made into its normal self again after the cast and crew leave the location.

There was also a little bit of news on what scenes they filmed on Euclid Avenue and the article states:

But first, the work of shooting scenes for “Spider-Man 3” continued Friday near the Statler Building. The scene involved an armored truck hitting an already-crunched car — strategically positioned in the middle of the street — and making it spin.

A small explosive device, triggered by a crew person, sprayed broken glass on cue. A motorcycle carrying a camera rode on the sidewalk. A reinforced, modified truck with camera platforms — with the name Zulu painted on its side — followed the armored car.

There were a few extras who claimed to be huge Spider-man fans.

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