Spiderman 2 sees Tobey Maguire returning as the reluctant superhero Spiderman and his alter ego Peter Parker. When he spoke to Scotland Today’s Grant Lauchlan, he started by asking him about whether it was true that he hated doing interviews.

He said: “No, I don’t hate doing interviews…Well the repetitiveness of it, you know just gets a little stale because you know you’re asked the same question and you feel like you’re boring. You feel like you’re boring, like you’re repeating yourself again and you can’t. If you weren’t repeating yourself you’d be lying at some point. All said and done for Spiderman 2 I’ll probably do about 400 interview. Of the 400 there’s probably, you know, seven questions that are asked in 370 of those interviews.”

In the new film Parker is sick of leading his double life and is on the verge of hanging up his spider suit. One reason for this is Spidey’s love interest, Mary Jane Watson.

Back for more adventure is the webtastic Kirsten Dunst. She said: “You know we had the challenge of making a better movie. I think we all like we’re ready to do it. I mean I know for me, you know, I was ready to like make a better film, I thought I could do better. I wanted to change her, she’s grown up and so all those changes in their relationship just… everything got more complicated and interesting I think and scarier.”

Before Spidey can hang up his spandex suit he’s called into action to battle evil in the shape of a new Nemesis, Dr Octopus.

Asked about the character’s trademark tentacles and why they all had names, Alfred Molina said: “That’s right, that’s right. He’s done his research. Yeah, I’m going to be plagued with this now because it started off with just a little joke between me and the puppeteers who were operating the tentacles during rehearsal before we even started shooting. And I have trouble telling my left from my right and it was getting hard to sort of…they’d say “come closer in on bottom right, bring the top left out” and I got confused. So I just named them just as a sort of joke really but then the camera crew got wind of it and the next thing I knew people were sticking labels on them and stuff and it just kind off, everyone just got into it.”

He added: “It was a combination of computers, generated imagery, animation and practical tentacles that were strapped onto me via this, we called it a harness but that was just a butch name for a girdle really.”

The first Spiderman smashed all previous box office records on its release in 2002 and grossed more than $820 million world. Spiderman 2 to match and even exceed that figure.

Tobey Maguire said: “If I didn’t like the movie I would probably contract an illness and not be able to make it for all the interviews. I think it would be very difficult to go and talk about a movie if you weren’t proud of it and I’m really proud of this movie. I think that, you know yeah, it’s a big event, action film but where it really comes from it’s rooted in people and their relationships and that’s what I find interesting.”

Source: scotlandtoday.scottishtv.co.uk